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Weihua Yu
Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication
Dean Assistant

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Yu Weihua



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Department of Communication

Research Field

Big Data and Communication Innovation, Social Media, Third Person   Effect

Graduation   University

Fudan University

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Tel: +86-21-34205808


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Academic Appointments

2012-present  Associate   Professor, Department of Communication, School of Media and Design , Shanghai   Jiaotong University 

2007-2011   Assistant Professor, Department of   Communication, School of Media and Design , Shanghai Jiaotong University 


Administrative   Appointments

2016-present  Founder,   www.pandata.cn

2014-present  Director, Big   Data and Communication Innovation Lab

2014-present  Director, The   Research Centre of Legal Communication


Scholarly Interests

Big Data and Communication Innovation

Communication Visualization

Social Media

Third Person Effect











Academic   Achievement please list awards, edited   books, journal articles, projects and courses


Teaching Awards(2010-2013)

Academic Zhuguang   Distinguished Teaching Award (2012). Shanghai Jiaotong University .

Dongsen Award for Excellence in Teaching (2011). Department of   Communication,

Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Chenxing Outstanding Teacher Award (2011). Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Dongsen Outstanding Teacher Award (2010). School of Media and Design, Shanghai   Jiaotong University.


Representative Articles (2008-2014)

Yu,Weihua,&   Zhang,Guoliang. (2014),The Transformation of Communication Research: Trend,   Theory and Methodology. Journalism Review, 371, 30-35.

Yu,Weihua.(2011),The   Cellphone Rumor, Panic Behavior, Mechanism of Generation and The Social   Control: The Diachronic Perspectives under the Frame of Third Person Effect. Journalism   & Communication, 18, 6, 57-64.

Yu,Weihua. (2011),The   Fake Information in Microblog. Journalism Review, 339, 67-71.

Yu,Weihua.(2010),First   Person Effect: Present Situation, Problem and Application. Journal of International Communication.32.7.33-37.

Yu,Weihua,& Yue   Yuan.(2009),W.P.Davison and the Third Person Effect: a View from Public   Opinion. Journal of International   Communication.180.11-16.

Yu,Weihua. (2009). The Third Person Effect   in China Mainland :A Case of College Students. Journal of International Communication.172,34-37.

Yu,Weihua,&   Zhang,Guoliang. (2008).Reconsidering Communication Research in China   (1978-2008). Journal of International Communication.165,15-18.

Yu,Weihua.(2008),Internet   Spoofs and the Third Person Effect: A Case of 1772 Shanghai Residents.   Journalism & Communication.15, 4, 83-88.

Yu,Weihua,&   Zhang,Guoliang. (2008),The Study of Indirect Effect Model. Journalism Review, 302, 66-68.



Yu,Weihua. (2009). Chinese   Development Communication. Hangzhou, CHN: Zhejiang University Press.


Research Grants(2010-2015)

Shanghai Justice Bureau(2015).The Big Data and the Legal   Communication Innovation.

Shanghai Justice Bureau(2014).The Innovation of Legal   Communication in the era of New Media

The Major National Social Science Foundation (2011-2014).The Mechanism   and the Identification of Collective Action. Co-Principal Investigator.

National Social Science Foundation (2011-2014). The Study of   Public Opinion on Microblog of China ..

SJTU Foundation(2011-2013).The study of Collective Action in Cyber   Space. Shanghai Jiaotong University.

SJTU Foundation for Young Scholar(2010). The Study of  Public Opinion in Cyber Space. Shanghai   Jiaotong University.

Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Foundation (2011).The Trend   of Communication Research in the World.


Pedagogical Grants

The Innovation of English   Report and Writing (2009). Shanghai Jiaotong University.


Visiting Appointments

Summer, 2013   Visiting Associate Professor, School of Communication,  

               National   Chengchi University, Taiwan(China)

Spring, 2009       Visiting   Researcher, Department of Communication,

                  City   University of Honkong, Hongkong.